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December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holiday’s to all. It has been an eventful year. This is the season of hope and, despite all the matters that we have criticized over this past year, I am full of hope. There are well-meaning people all around us. Those that are not well-meaning, are generally uninformed, misinformed, or unskillful in their thinking. All of these things can change. We are in an evolutionary process. At times it will seem like we are stepping back. Yet we are moving forward.



  1. May I add my “compliments of the season” and wish us all peace on earth, and good will toward men”. (Or more men of good will.)

    Yesterday I had lunch with a friend I rarely see these days. We spent four hours solving the world’s ills. She is not particularly politcally invovled, though she tends to lean too the left, I’m sure. As we discussed the feelings of helplessness and hopelessnes that have nearly overcome us often in the past year, I mentioned another friend of mine who has no beliefs about any kind of survival of consciousness/soul or whatever you want to call it. Because of that, this friend has totally given up on humanity, seeing life as a zero sum game that the oligarchs have won. I told my luncheon companion I can’t go there – maybe it’s the Pollyanna in me, but I have come to believe that if I can’t actively change the system, whether through working within it, or protesting outside it, the very least I can do is not add my energy to that of the bad guys. So I choose to focus my energy not on the anger their policies generate in me, but on the often quiet work of men and women, like 14 here, who have decided to push back however they can; educate and disseminate good intel and ideas. I put my energy (and what little financial help I can), with those I feel are working for the common good, not for the gilded elite.
    Best wishes to all peace, justice and hope for 2011.

    Comment by Sandi — December 25, 2010 @ 4:22 PM | Reply

  2. And we will lose unimaginable treasures along the way but such is the force of nature.

    Comment by Charles Frith — December 26, 2010 @ 12:10 AM | Reply

  3. Thank you 14th for the clarity of your voice and your common decency.

    Comment by tippygolden press — December 26, 2010 @ 12:40 PM | Reply

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